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AM PRO MOD APK – Alight Motion Mod Apk is one of the best applications for video editing purposes. From the name, of course everyone knows that the AM MOD APK application is not the official version developed by Alight Creative, Inc.

This application is included in one of the modifications by adding various important features for video editing purposes. With the features in question, it is expected that editing activities will be easier with the best results.

As you know, editing videos is not an easy matter. It takes skills to get the best results. Many people are trying to learn for this purpose, but only some of them are successful.

But that was before, before an application that has various interesting features. Currently it is certain that everyone is able to medit video with the best results. Basically, every video editing application makes it easy to use.

Video editing activities used to be only done through a computer device. Not using applications, but a program or known as software. The results given by some of the software are also quite good.

However, along with the times, editing videos can be done using only smart phones. Many advantages with these devices, one of which is can be done anywhere and anytime.

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What is Alight Motion(AM Pro APK)?
For those of you who don’t know what Alight Motion Pro APK is, it’s good to examine the description that will be given. Alight Motion is a smartphone lover application for editing videos with good results.

As for the Pro APK version, the application has actually been modified by a third party. And now, it has been modified to version 4.0.0.

The application, will provide every user of various advantages of premium features. For example, users can get video editing results without a watermark, there are no annoying advertisements, and can also access every feature provided in it.

This application, also allows you to use it, without paying the slightest money even though it has been given access to the use of the premium features contained in Alight Motion.

If you want to know more about this one application, it’s good to keep listening to the reviews that will be provided in this article.

Review Am Mod Apk

Simply put, Alight Motion Mod Apk is an application that has been modified from the official version. The name is indeed not much different from the official version that you can get on Playstore. It’s just that the function and features are certain to be much different.

Some features can be obtained despite using the original version. It’s just that you need to buy it with the provisions of the applicable price because it is a premium feature. Unlike the modification application, where all features can be used free.

This best video editing application is very important for those who are struggling in the field of creator content. Because, this application can also be used to produce animated videos in an easy and simple way.

Especially if there are various interesting features that are not only able to produce more interesting videos, but also facilitate video editing activities. One of its superior features is used to slow down and speed up the course of the video.

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Keep in mind, Alight Motion Mod APK is not an application developed by official developers. That is, this video editing application was developed by a third party with a specific purpose and purpose.

Therefore, some people call it an illegal application. In addition to the benefits and benefits, illegal applications also provide some risks that must be ready to be borne.

Alight Motion Mod Apk feature

Features are one of the reasons someone uses or leaves an application. If the application has many beneficial features, it is certain that many people use it.

And vice versa if there are no interesting features, no one is using the application in question. This also applies to Alight Motion Mod APK, but very lucky because many features are obtained from the modification application.

Animation keyframe
Keyframe animation is the first feature that attracts a lot of attention for potential users. The feature serves to make the object moving in the predetermined orbit.

This effect is usually used to produce a more attractive and unique video display. Unfortunately, not everyone can use this feature because it is quite difficult to use. Only those who are experienced in video editing can use it.

Many formats are provided
The next version of the Alight Motion Motion MOD APK feature is the next many format options provided. You can export files according to the desired format, including MP4, MPEG, AVI, and many others.

Not only that, you can choose the best resolution to produce sharper and better images. But keep in mind, the higher the resolution chosen, the greater the capacity.

Not enough in the four features above. You can also use various video formats. You can use formats such as GIF, PNG, JPG, and JPEG. As for the video, the formats are MPEG, MP4, and also 3GP.

Without watermark
Watermark is known as a water sign that appears in the edited video. Most creator content does not want this because it disturbs the scenery and is also less professional.

Fortunately the other superior Alight Motion Mod Apk feature is without the watermark from the edited video. Actually you can get this feature even though you use the original version, but it must be purchased first.

Many selection of effects
One of the factors that the video can be said to be interesting is from the effects used. The more effects with the right use, the video will look more attractive and worth publishing.

This is another feature that you can get when using this Mod APK video editing application. Some choices of effects that can be used are the effects of light, blur, motion, and of course the effect to add text or sound.

In the Alight Motion application discussed in this article, you can choose a variety of interesting effects that have been provided. In the official application, the effects that can be used and selected are very limited.

Of course, this is an advantage that can be done. Moreover, you can also use it for free.

Ad free
Often, Alight Motion users are disturbed by the advertisements that suddenly appear.

Sometimes, the mood for editing video immediately disappears if an ad appears. Not to mention if there is an idea. Sometimes the idea is not realized if an advertisement appears annoying.

There are ways that can be done to overcome the ad. The trick is to activate the Premium Alight Motion account. But, of course you have to pay some money to activate it. However, with Alight Motion whose download link will be given in this article, you don’t need to pay it.

You only need to download and install as you wish. Later, there will be no more advertisements that interfere with the video editing process

Free applications available on Playstore are mostly advertisements. As is known, the existence of advertisements is often annoying, especially if this time in terms of video editing. This is also found when you use the original version, where at any time the ad can appear.

But it’s different when using Alight Motion Mod Apk. Ads that should have been blocked with a special system developed by the developer. Thus, you are free to edit videos without interference so that you can focus more.

Support Preset under 5MB
In this application too, it has been supported for all types of presets. Even if you only have a preset that is below 5MB, it can still be imported into this Alight Motion application.

In the official version, of course presets with this small size, cannot be imported.

Ultra HD video quality
One of the most favored things from this application, namely you can save videos according to the desired quality. With this application, you can even make and save videos with a resolution of 780 to 1080 pixels or can be said to be Ultra HD.

Text fonts are more diverse and unique
As for the features that can be obtained in Alight Motion with version 4.0.0, that is, you can get a more diverse and more unique text font. You can add fonts like ghotic, toon, metal, and various other fonts that are quite unique.

The existence of a vector graph
One type of animation in the form of vectors. You who are interested in creating vector animations or just graphics can realize it through this application. How to draw the vector chart is also quite easy so that it makes ordinary people more interested in learning more. Not only can it be used to make 2 -dimensional vector animation but you can also use to draw 3 -dimensional graphics.

No wonder many animators recommend using the Alight Motion application. Especially in making vector graphics can also use customization options. This graphic vector is one of the most commonly used by animators.

Tutorial text
You are also interested in the many features provided by this application. But do not understand the details of how to use it. Simply open the tutorial text because the developer deliberately provides to facilitate the learning of animators.

Based on the tutorial text, later users can understand the steps to take advantage of the features as well as the available tools. Be sure to spend a little time so that it can be more reliable using the Alight Motion application.

Download the Latest Alight Motion Pro Apk Mod 2023

The presence of some of the features mentioned above certainly attracts attention. So do not rule out the possibility you are tempted and immediately want to use the MOD video editing application this time.

To get it, certainly you can’t look for it in Playstore. The reason is still the same, which is because it is not an official application, but a modification. But don’t worry, here we provide the Latest Alight Motion Pro APK Mod download link. Or you can also download it on the site.

Name apk alight motion pro mod
Version 4.0.3
Size 72MB
Support Android 4.4+
Root system is not necessary

How to install alight motion pro mod apk

Files obtained from outside Google Playstore also affect the installation process. This means you can’t do it automatically. Actually it is not difficult to do it, it’s just that each device is different in the menu provided.

But the difference is not too flashy, the important thing is you know the point. Before doing a manual installation, you must activate the application settings from outside the official source. Here’s how to install Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk in full!

  • Open the ‘settings’ menu, then continue by entering the ‘advanced settings’.
  • Select ‘Security and Privacy’.
  • Check the small box next to the ‘unknown source’, some brands or types of cellphones by shifting the Toggle next to it.
  • Open the ‘file manager’ in the main device menu.
  • Look for the downloaded apk file earlier.
  • Click or press the file name, then click ‘Install’ in the message that appears.

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