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With so many social networks and applications used for personal chat to instant messaging making communication easier. If you talk about this instant messaging, you can use Fouad WhatsApp APK.

If you find many features missing on WhatsApp, you can still get it.

Because, to use this Fouad WA you must have an Android device that is rooted. Then, continued by installing Fouad WA which can provide benefits to enjoy its very impressive features.

Overview Fouad Whatsapp Official Apk

One of the popular modification applications among WhatsApp Mod is Fouad Mods WA APK. That is because this application has many advantages found in features that are very useful for carrying out instant messaging.

Surely this is also supported by developers who also develop the FMWhatsApp application. In fact, many people switch here from the original version of the WA application.

Strengths/features of Fouad Whatsapp Apk
What makes this application very popular is certainly the advantages that are owned through the features provided.

In fact there are 9 advantages that are at the same time a feature in the modification application that is believed to be better than the official application. Check out the explanation of the Fouad WA feature that is not in the original WA feature, namely:

  1. Security

Safety features are given to those of you who do not like if your chat or chat can be seen by others.

In this modification application, a feature is given that makes it possible to secure messages so that they cannot be read by others. Similar applications such as WhatsApp Plus also have similar features.

To be able to use security features, you can simply lock the WA application in general. However, it is different from this Fouad WA because the safety feature can be used to locate messages on the contact you have chosen before.

That way, of course you can chat with anyone and lock the contact so that the chat will not be peeked by irresponsible people.

  1. Send lots of photos
    Send many-photo

Sending lots of photos will make business people who use WA accounts to connect with their relation to effective communication.

When you use the original version of WhatsApp, you can only send 10 photo files in one send. Meanwhile, if you use a modification version like this Fouad WA, you can send up to 90 photo files at one one send.

Fun is not it? Effective from sending photos or images can reach 9 times compared to the original version.

  1. Length duration of video wa story

In the official version of the rules, if you want to upload WA Story in the form of video or extension .mp4 then the maximum time given is 30 seconds. So, if you want to send a video, for example 2 minutes then you have to cut it into 4 parts.

This is an anticipated and improved thing in the modification version. When uploading WA Story using Fouad WA, the duration given is longer that is 7 minutes in one send video on the story.

The video with a maximum duration of 7 minutes will not be cut off when you want to upload it on WA Story.

  1. Change the main screen display

Making a main screen display or theme that has many choices will make the experience in a pleasant chat. That way, WhatsApp adjustments with many themes will feel very different from the original version.

For Fouad WhatsApp it has more than 100 different collections of themes and will be updated to be more. You can choose one of 100 that has been prepared with as you like and adjusted to your style of course.

In order to avoid boredom in using WA, it can change the theme even every day.

Then, to add excitement in chatting with friends or customers, there are also very many stickers and various emojis.

  1. Hiding typing status

Typing status when replying to people’s messages or friends will always be seen so that you can use the hiding feature of typing at Fouad WA. If you use this feature it is suitable for those of you who don’t want to tell people what you are doing at WA.

Later, people who are chatting with you will not know that you are replying to his message while still typing. And suddenly your message will reach the recipient you want to go.

  1. Online status

One of the things that most people want to do is to eliminate online status.

This online status is sometimes very annoying and can make a fight when accidentally entering WA but not wanting to reply to chat from anyone.

You can use this online status feature so that you close information that you are online to your contact. Or conversely, you can use this feature so you can look online when you are offline.

  1. Multi Account Used

One of the superior features that will not be obtained on the original WhatsApp application is the multi -account feature. The point is you can use two WhatsApp accounts in one application and one device.

Usually for one device and one official WA application only allows one account that can enter.

This multi -account feature will provide advantage that you don’t need to bother installing additional applications in order to enter the other WA account.

For online business people who use WA as a daily communication tool because it is very good to use this because it can enter into a personal account and business account simultaneously and without complicated.

  1. Shortcut features

The next excellent feature is the existence of a shortcut feature that can be used to help in chatting matters.

For example, you can use the voice note shortcut feature. If in an ordinary application then you have to press the length of voice note in order to record sound, in contrast to this modification application.

The trick is to just do one touch and you can do voice recording for voice notes. While recording voice notes, you can also do other jobs. And to be able to stop recording then simply by pressing it back and the voice note stops.

  1. Anti Delete Message

Anti Delete Message is one of the things that makes you feel very different when using the original version of the application. This feature will help you still be able to read messages even though the sender has deleted the message.

This feature is given by Oengembang Fouad WhatsApp so that the message received as a whole can be read by the recipient.

Many of the advantages above provide convenience, excitement, and uniqueness when chatting with others. You will not be able to find the advantages of these features in the original version.

Difference between Fouad Whatsapp Apk and Original

Actually, if you see from the features and advantages it will be very clear that these two applications are different. In fact, the weakness of the original version is completely covered by the modification version.

Therefore, here will be given a little summary in the form of a differentiating table for the MOD version and the original version.

Modified version of the original version
Can only be for one account
Send a maximum photo of 10 in one send

Status is typing and online can be seen by many people

Deleted messages cannot be seen

Cannot be given a password to chat with other people

Voice Note must hold the record button

Can use two accounts in one application
Send photos up to 90 files in one send

Can hide typing and online status

Wa story in video format can be up to 7 minutes in one story

Can see messages that have been deleted by the sender

Messages can be passedword so that no one knows

Has a shortcut button to record voice note with just one click

It is very visible not that the modification version application has many advantages. However, still you must be aware of the banned threat to the account if you use the modification application by this third party.

Download the Fouad Whatsapp application


This application will certainly not be easily found on the Google Play Store. That is because Fouad WA was not developed by the official WhatsApp Inc. developer and was only developed by third -party developers.

Means, to be able to use it then you must visit a site that provides the download application.

Take it easy, you don’t need to worry because here have been provided specifications for third -party Fouad WA applications along with links that can be used to download

Name: Fouad Whatsapp the latest apk
Version: Most recent
Application Size: 44.96 MB
Update: January 1, 2022
Download Link: Fouad Whatsapp Apk
If you want to use it, you don’t need to install the original version of WhatsApp that can be downloaded and install automatically on the Google Play Store.

However, when you want to download and install Fouad WA, you must provide adequate internal storage space and RAM. In addition, this application can be run on a minimum of Android OS 4.1 and above.

Make sure that the specifications of the smartphone or device that you use are adequate so that the use of Fouad WA can be more optimal.

Can after downloading the application can be run directly? Make no mistake, because you have to go through a manual installation process.

How to install the fouad whatsapp application

It can be said that installing the application manually must be patient because of the long process. However, for some people who like to use applications from third parties or unofficial only takes no more than 5 minutes, the application can be used.

There are several steps that you must pass in order to use the application to the maximum, namely:

  • First, download the application via the link provided above.
  • You can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and make sure the download process is running.
  • Wait until the process is complete and the file is successfully stored on your device.
  • After that, open the settings/settings on the smartphone.
  • Enter the additional settings menu à privacy à and click the unknown source which means you have activated the menu.
  • Then, if you are active then you can enter the file storage that has been downloaded previously, namely to the file manager àfolder download/download à Fouad Whatsapp application
  • Click the application file and a new display will appear.
  • At the bottom right there will be an instal button, click the button.
  • Later the installation process will appear and you have to wait for it until the installation process runs 100%.

When it’s 100%, it is certain that you can use the application to the maximum. To be sure you can see the application, is it available on your smartphone menu?

If you already exist, then you just need to enter and use two accounts at once can also be done.

However, do not forget to turn off the unknown source in advance in the settings à additional settings à privacy à unknown sources, click until the color is gray. If the blue color turns gray then we can be sure the menu is inactive.

If it is not turned off, then some viruses or pencu ** An data is very likely to be done by ha ** er. The privacy settings can certainly only be used to provide access to third -party applications to be installed on your smartphone.

Is Fouad WhatsApp safe?

The third party that develops the modification application is certainly not an official developer and even looking for weaknesses from original applications and provides convenience for users.

This is an unwanted thing by the official application owner because it feels cheating and violates copyright. Therefore, you must be careful when using the modification application.

Indeed, most modification applications such as Fouad WA have been prepared for anti -banned. However, who will know the monitoring of official developers who can be banned at any time on an account that violates the rules?

If you still want to use it then you can do the test first by using a second account or not include the personal or official account that you have.

When exposed to banned, you can use the official account that earlier and return to the original version of the original.

Means, for the security provided by Fouad WhatsApp is not unsafe and definitely exposed to banned. However, it is always pursued and avoided from banned. Users must be wise in deciding to use this third -party application.

Tips for using Fouad Whatsapp Anti Banned

Indeed this Fouad WA application is the best mod application with anti -banned claims. However, still as a user you must be aware of banned threats.

However, there are a few tips to be able to optimize an application that is safe and avoid banned. The way it is by updating Fouad WA regularly and must be routine.

Do you understand how to update Fouad WA? Even though this application is not found on the Google Play Store. If you still don’t know, the steps below:

Enter the application and open the Yomods menu at Fouad WhatsApp.
Then, you can open an update by selecting checking updates in this application.
Later a display will appear that gives a sign that there is a Fouad WA application, then k

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