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GBWhatsApp Apk – New WhatsApp GB in 2022 with extraordinary features and different from the official version of WhatsApp. Please download the GB WA Premium APK MOD that is safe and original from official official.

All of you are certainly familiar with GB WhatsApp. Which has attractive features compared to features that are superior to the original version.

At this time you really need social media applications so that easy communication can be established. Where WhatsApp has now become an application with number one ranking. And it has been used by millions of people from all circles spread throughout the world.

By downloading WA GB we can get closer to any distance. Examples of relatives, friends, to your childhood friends. With the video call feature you can send documents and locations that can be an interesting feature in this application.

As the Age of the application advances, it must have a negative review that still cannot be satisfied by the users. Therefore there are many modif applications contained by WhatsApp.

For example in this article we will discuss the WhatsApp modif application, GB WhatsApp. For those of you who are new to WA GB. Let’s look at the following review below.

GB WhatsApp is being targeted because of the many excellent features it provides. This application is a modification of the official Wahstapp version or what is known as WA. Indeed, there are quite a lot of the same applications available, but it can be said that this modification is the most widely used.

A little review about the official version of Whatsapp, which is an online messaging application that has the most users. This can be seen from the number of downloads on the Playstore which reaches 5 billion users.

Although there are many similar applications, such as Skype, Telegram, Messenger, their existence seems to be unable to shift the popularity of WA. Besides being easy to use, various free features can be used for communication purposes.

Call it if you want to send a text message online, in the sense of chatting. In addition to text messages, you can send messages with the contents of documents or other file forms such as images and videos.

Not only that, in fact you can receive or make calls, both voice and video calls. Other features that can be used include groups, broadcast messages, and creating statuses.

Of the many features and advantages provided when compared to other applications, there are some parties who are not satisfied with the features in question. In this case, they modify it by adding features that they feel are helpful for other users.

The GB WhatsApp application is very famous almost all over the world and its users are very large. The features provided from this application are much more complete than the original WhatsApp version so that it attracts the attention of users.

Amazingly, this application continues to be upgraded so that users can get the latest features as well as a version that is free of bugs.

It’s just that the application cannot be downloaded through the Google Play Store or App Store, manual installation must be carried out. This time we will discuss things related to this application including the updates section as well as other features.

The latest version of GB Whatsapp features 2023

To get to know what GB WhatsApp is. Of course you have to know what are the advantages of the features presented by this application. By knowing the features offered, of course, add to your interest in having it.

The features available WA GB can be used freely without requiring the slightest cost to subscribe. For those of you who are curious about what features are presented by GB WhatsApp, then see the review below.

  1. More themes
    The first feature on the GB WhatsApp application is the availability of various themes that you can use at will. If you feel bored with the appearance of the theme that is always used.

Then you can replace the theme with a new theme. And more interesting you can change the WhatsApp theme with the iOS version theme.

  1. Can be used with several accounts
    In the next feature you can use many accounts in one application. For example if you want to use two accounts in one application. Then GB WhatsApp is ready to carry out the work.

In the end one account can be used to chat with relatives, friends, and friends. In the second account can be used for communication purposes about the business you run.

Of course this feature is very useful. For those of you who have many communication relationships in every activity that is undertaken.

  1. A stronger password
    GB WhatsApp has a password feature that you can use to maintain security security security on your account. That way you don’t need to worry anymore your security data can be accessed by just anyone.

On WhatsApp the original version of the privacy process is only done when accessing the screen lock. Even though screen lock access alone is not enough to guarantee your account can be accessed by others.

  1. Hiding a status message
    The feature that is no less interesting is hiding a status message that is useful for users. Where this feature you can hide or change online status to other users.

That way other people will not know whether you are online or offline. This can be a solution for you who need comfort without being disturbed when using GB WhatsApp.

Not just the feature of hiding online status. WA GB also provides features to eliminate the blue check mark that we normally know as a message that has been read.

  1. Save the status of others
    The next feature that can be felt by users from GB WhatsApp is to store other people’s status. This feature can make it easier for you to save other user status without having to use a third application.

And you can save other user status without having to worry about being caught by the person concerned.

  1. Change the font at will
    The next feature on GB WhatsApp is to change the type of letters or change the favorite fonts available in this application. GB WhatsApp provides a variety of complete choices and you can use at will.

This advantage is the same as the theme that you can change at will if you feel bored with the type of font that is often used.

  1. Reply to the message automatically
    The latest features on the GB WhatsApp application you can do a reply to automatic messages that have been set for the delivery schedule.

This feature is useful for you who have business needs. By utilizing this feature you can reply to consecutive messages without having to reply one by one.

For example there are buyers who send a message to your number. WA GB will automatically reply to the buyer’s message without having to wait for the message to be replied by the seller.

This feature can work if you have made a previous setting so that the message that is replied will be in accordance with what is desired.

  1. Anti Banned
    The GB WhatsApp application is indeed a modification result of the original WhatsApp version. But take it easy WA GB already provides anti -banned features. You will still feel safe and comfortable when using it anytime and anywhere.
  2. Can send large capacity files
    On the original WhatsApp you can only send files with a capacity of no more than 500 MB. Of course this makes you disturbed. Because of the specified capacity limit.

But this does not apply to the GB WhatsApp application. The WA GB application frees you to send large files. So you don’t need to bother sending files repeatedly.

After seeing some premium features in the WA GB application, then do you want to try to download it on the device used?

If you want to try it, you need to know that this GB WA application has many types of MOD APKs, so that with many choices, please read the information in detail.

If it matches the type of WA GB your choice, then just download the application

  1. WA GB Official
    WA GB Official

You can download this type of application for free, because GB WA Official is the official version and does not contain any malware or virus.

And you also need to know that the GB Whatsapp Official application when you want to download it don’t need to root an Android phone. Another advantage is that when you want to make a group you can add up to 35 characters.

For more details, you can check your own official WA GB official and please download the link below.

GBWHATSAPP Official Application Name
Version v3.6.2 the latest 2022
File size 52.23 MB
March 22 updated
Download link here

  1. WA GB Officially from Playstore and Appstore
    WA GB Officially from Playstore and Appstore

For the WA GB application, you can try the next download link that we have provided. However, you can also download it via Playstore or Appstore.

Okay, just refer to the full explanation related to the following Playstore version of GBWA MOD or Appstore.

GBWHATSAPP Official Application Name
Latest version v8.70
Updated 1 day ago
File size 44.96 MB
Download link here
Also read the WA WA Web from A-Z, Features, Strengths, and Disadvantages

  1. WA GB Mini
    Wa GB Mini

Next is WA GB Mini APK Mod which we recommend it to be downloaded and tried on your device. Yups, this GB WA application is an application that has modified WhatsApp uniquely and creatively.

In general, modification applications may issue lite and pro versions. However, the modder named it mini which means small, so this type of WA mod is different from the others.

GB WA Mini Application Name
Latest version v8.51
Update 1 week ago
File size 42.61 MB
Download link here

  1. WA GB Transparent
    WA GB is transparent

WhatsApp users try to do various ways so that when chattingan looks cool and not visually boring. Because with a cool appearance makes it disappear bored.

The WhatsApp Mod application has been present and the name of the application is GB WA Transparent. Want to try? Read the details first as follows.

WA GB Transapran Application Name
Latest version v9.00 2022
Updated 1 month ago
File size 36.66 MB
Download link here

  1. WA GB iOS
    WA GB iOS

Iphone or Apple users don’t worry that they cannot use the GB WA application, because currently available with free GB WhatsApp for iOS users.

And please note that this iOS type mod application has its own description, so it is very different from other WA GB mods. For more detailed information, you can listen to the following explanation.

Whatsapp ios gb application name
Latest version 2022 v8.70 Latest
File size 44.96 MB
Updated 1 day ago
Download link here
How to install and download gb whatsapp on android
How to install and download gb whatsapp on android

On the Google Store you will not find a link to download GB WhatsApp. Take it easy in this article we have provided the GB Whatsapp link that you can download for free.

Here are the steps to download and install WA GB on Android devices. Immediately, you refer to the following steps

The first step is to click the download link that we have provided in this article.
Then when the file is being downloaded, wait until the download process is complete. And you need to open the download file on your device to find it.
Then tap and start to install the application.
Wait until the installation process is successfully carried out.
Now look for the WA GB application on mobile and run.
Then create an account on the WA GB application. Fill in the location and telephone number.
After that click Copy WhatsApp data to integrate the original version of WhatsApp messenger on your cellphone.
Right after verifying the telephone number access, the application is ready to run.
Enjoy the GB Whatsapp feature and don’t forget to update the application. Because GB WhatsApp receives updates regularly and it must be downloaded to be applied.

To keep updating checking our site because we always release new features every month. The updated version will be mentioned on the site. And you can search for the latest version of the WA GB application.

After you find the latest version of GB WhatsApp, click Download. Then follow the installation process the same as the first steps we have told to overcome. The old version will be overwritten by the pre -install application on your cellphone.

How to download and install gb whatsapp on the iPhone

GB WhatsApp will not be available on the App Store. Therefore in this article we have provided a link that you can download. Immediately, see the following guide below for you iPhone iOS users.

First click download via the link that we have provided and download on your iPhone.
Then when the file is downloaded, wait until the process

As you know WhatsApp has a desktop version. You can use the same account for several devices.

You can also have a desktop version for GB WhatsApp for ease of use while working on a Windows PC. Let’s learn how to download and install WA GB on a PC.

  • The first guide starts by installing the Android -Bagus Mulator on Windows PC.
  • Then get WA GB from the link on the official website. Download files on your computer.
  • Then get the Google Play Store on your PC.
  • After that, launch an Android emulator to get the Android OS environment on your desktop.
  • Now enter your account and start.
  • Done.

How to download and install gb whatsapp on a mac laptop

For those of you who use Mac as a computer they will look for GB WhatsApp in it. So let’s learn about the process of how to download and install WA GB on Mac. For instructions similar to the method for getting WA GB in Windows.

  • The first way to get one of the Android Emulator for Mac.
  • Then open the official WA GB website and download the link for the apk file
  • Now make the Android version available on your Mac with the help of Android Emulator.
  • Run the application on Mac.
  • Then enter the WA GB account with the same login details as WhatsApp Massenger.
  • Done.

Whatsapp GB Solution that is not installed

GBWHATSAPP is not the default application and therefore. You will not be able to see this on your smartphone as a pre -install. You need to get an application from the official web link APK or on our site that has provided the application.

For iOS devices you have to find GB WhatsApp from the official website with the method mentioned above. When you finish the download. Try giving relevant permission so that the application is fully functioning.

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